About Easing Aqua


Easing Aqua has come up to safeguard you and your family against any kind of water-borne diseases, with its unique and stringent Water Purification Systems that match the international standards in their efficacy to deliver pure drinking water. Easing Aqua Water Purifiers is one of those healthcare products companies who have the vision to make the world a healthy and happy place. Easing Aqua has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its robustness in technological performance and innovative designs, further enhancing the quality of everyday living. With a wide range of products such as Water Purifiers, Softeners, and Chillers, we are transforming lives with improved water solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial demands.

Why choose us

Two Year Guarantee

Unlike other brands, we provide a one-year guarantee on all our basic** products & a two-year guarantee on all our high-end products. So, this extended period guarantee ensures that you face absolutely no problem whatsoever- for two years at least. Furthermore, anytime you do encounter an issue, we are here to solve it*

Six Free Services

]Not only do we provide a two-year guarantee, but we offer three absolutely free of cost services on our basic models and six absolutely free of cost services on our higher-end models**. You can avail these services as per your convenience and requirement**. There are no additional charges plus we provide a guaranteed installation service within 48 hours of purchase. Fast and free all the way!

Multiple Stages Of Purifications- Ensuring Maximum Purity

UV, UF, Alkaline purification, Reverse Osmosis you name it! All our products at least have a minimum of five stages of purification, making the water you consume a hundred per cent clean and pure. Some of our products are so advanced that they have ten stages of purification, providing maximum purity.

Immunity Boosting Water

Since our products include Alkaline purification, you also get all the goodness of Alkaline. Alkaline water is widely regarded as an immunity booster,and it has calcium as well as magnesium which keeps your bones healthy. Alkaline water has been trending all over as it is far more hydrating than regular water, thanks to its ultra-hydrating properties. Furthermore, it helps to neutralise the acidity in your body, which is caused by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.